International architects in Berlin. Ronski Architects, founded 2002. Construction and real estate projects for public and private clients in Germany and neighbouring countries.

Risk assessment and costs (technical due diligence). Our research teams consist of architect (building construction & engineering), mechanical & electrical engineer and environmental expert. In addition, we offer appraisals on real estate, e.g. feasibility studies, development concepts, property evaluations and improvement concepts.

We supervise construction projects (project monitoring) and check quality, costs and deadlines to secure our return targets. Post-project evaluations are used for the processing of learning effects and for suggestions for improvement from completed construction projects. We look after investors during the acquisition to purchase phase.

We work on remodelling, renovation and restoration projects for a range of building types. We combine in-house resources with external specialists (architecture, structural engineering, mechanical & electrical, materials engineering, fire safety services, environmental and sustainability expertise) to offer an integrated services package as required for each individual project or client.

Assessment on school requirement program and feasibility study for school refurbishment & extension
Technical Due Diligence
Conversion of Commercial Property
Full refurbishment of a residential building from the Wilhelminian era