Full refurbishment of a residential building from the Wilhelminian era

RBA was commissioned for planning, building permission specification and site supervision of remediation measures (flat roofs, cellar, facades, balconies, staircase, apartments) of a turn of the century multy family house in Berlin-Schöneberg. The building is located in a designated social protection area (Milieuschutzgebiet). 9 apartments are to be fully renovated.

Two storey roof extension

RBA were asked by the Irish property owner to examine the property with a view to identifying an exit strategy. The four storey building is located directly adjacent to a raised inner city section of motorway. The neighbouring buildings are significantly higher. RBA proposed adding two stories of additional ca. 400m² residential accommodation in the form of “studio-apartments”, intended for use by students or for medium-term lets, with the additional possibility of split-and-sale to individual investors. RBA was contracted to split the property (condominium ownership) and to achieve building permission.

Newbuild residential estate for 700 apartments

RBA was contracted to prepare and submit a planning application for a new build residential complex of 700 apartments, with a total gross external area of 65,000 m² on a 9 hectare plot of land.The main difficulty was in finding a way to amalgamate the various interests of the current users (allotments), the political interests of the local council and the interests of the owner and developer. The planning had to be based on the local planning law with building lines extrapolated from those first laid out in 1891-1904. RBA put a team of landscape planners, transport engineers, structural engineers and fire safety experts together.

Refurbishment of residential apartments

The task involved planning and realising the design and fit out of high quality apartments for sale to individual buyers in a large complex of historical apartment blocks near Urbanhafen in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Many apartments remained occupied during the redevelopment. RBA were called on to remodel vacant apartments and to remodel individual apartments according to tenant fluctuation.

A major refurbishment of central services, common areas and the conversion of the roof spaces was ongoing and RBA were required to co-ordinate the fit out with other consultants and the project management team.

The future owners’ additional requirements or alternative specifications were amalgamated into the planning and tendering processes, in agreement with the developer and his project manager.