Dry rot refurbishment works in residential building

RBA was commissioned for planning, specification and site supervision of remediation measures of a devastating dry rot damage in a multy family house in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. The remediation budget of 40,000 € needed to be increased to nearly 8times as much. 6 apartments were fully renovated.

Listed industrial property

facade & roof refurbishment


The facades and the roof of a listed industrial estate in Oberschöneweide need to be restored. RBA has been commissioned with planning, the approval (listed building consent) and site supervision to hand over.

Refurbishment of residential apartments

The task involved planning and realising the design and fit out of high quality apartments for sale to individual buyers in a large complex of historical apartment blocks near Urbanhafen in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Many apartments remained occupied during the redevelopment. RBA were called on to remodel vacant apartments and to remodel individual apartments according to tenant fluctuation.

A major refurbishment of central services, common areas and the conversion of the roof spaces was ongoing and RBA were required to co-ordinate the fit out with other consultants and the project management team.

The future owners’ additional requirements or alternative specifications were amalgamated into the planning and tendering processes, in agreement with the developer and his project manager.

Four Fashion brand shops

An italian fashion brand intended to expand on the German market. RBA was commissioned to organise the local shop realisation in Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover and Cologne in terms of building permission, coordination and site supervision. Contractors were bound by contract and M&E firms involved to ensure shop completion until opening date. All results were translated in English and transferred to Italy. The shop locations are either in high street or in shopping complex locations.