Residential development, 8 new cool rooftop units in Berlin!

We are delighted to announce that we have been granted planning permission to develop the roofs of two historic apartment blocks in Berlin-Kreuzberg and Berlin-Friedrichshain. We are revitalising unused potential in historic buildings for a Dutch investor and creating urgently needed new living space that fits into the vibrant urban fabric of Berlin. The two projects include the conversion of the roof space for 8 new flats. The roof work is currently being planned and put out to tender, but initial construction work in the form of balcony extensions to existing flats is already in full swing.

20 Years!

An anniversary is a good opportunity to look back on what has been achieved and set new goals for the future. We still enjoy our work. A big thank you to our staff and clients over the last 20 years!

A Residential Tower from the 1960s in Berlin-Neukölln is to be Extensively Refurbished

A residential tower from the 1960s in Berlin-Neukölln is to be extensively refurbished. The tower shell has never been renewed before. There is spalling on parts of the façade and corrosion. Individual flats have only been modernised sporadically by tenants in recent years. RBA is commissioned to present a comprehensive investigation report of the damage, possible measures and costs. The investigation includes structural parts, building contaminants, building services, energy efficiency investigations and general building & construction. In subsequent phases and years, the entire building is to be thoroughly refurbished in occupied condition.

Completion and Grand Opening of Live-Work Space “Creon” in Kreuzberg

Ronski + Burke Architects is pleased to announce the completion of the 7,000sqm Co-Working/Living Space Creon located in Kreuzberg near Victoria Park. Commissioned by DWI to plan and supervise the project development, Ronski + Burke celebrated on Thursday, June 22nd the grand opening of the versatile space ideal for art and cultural events. Highlights in the space include a walk-out basement with entrance to a garden and interactive lighting installation in the hallway.

Senior Citizen Residential Buildings in Leipzig

Ronski + Burke has been commissioned to investigate and analyze the structure and technical building condition of two senior citizen residential buildings in Leipzig – one of which is listed as a historically protected building.  The survey results of Phase I provide the client with the proposed building improvements that will modernize the buildings for decades to come. In addition to updating the heating, electric, sewage, roof, windows, and façade, the recommended alterations include the creation of more single-rooms, the development of barrier-free mobility though out the buildings, up-to-date bathroom facilities and a comprehensive fire protection concept. For the upcoming Phase II, the proposed building improvements are to be awarded, planned, and supervised.

Feasibility Study Primary School

Feasibility study primary school in Berlin nearing completion. In addition to an existing variant, we have developed and proposed a second new building variant that meets the requirements of the school, the model room program of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family, Berlin, and the development plan. Both variants meet the sustainability targets according to BNB.

Our solution provides a logical compact form with three interconnected distinct elements. We also propose the use of roofscapes. The teaching block has extensive solar panels. The faculty block has a school garden. The sports block has a play area.

Azhar Architecture –

Work in progress..

The conversion and extension of an elementary school from the 70s in Berlin Lichterfelde is taking off with the workshop with the school management and SuS (school and sports) Berlin. As soon as the space requirements have been determined, RBA will work out the conversion options, coordinate them with the district and determine the construction costs.