Our Team

Our team consists of experienced architects, real estate consultants and designers and will be happy to help you realize your projects. Our current team in June 2017:


Fergus Burke
Architekt, B.Arch.Sc., born 1969 in Drogheda, Irland.
Qualified 1991 from the Dublin Institute of Technology. Member of chamber of architecture – Berlin (registration number 08327). Work experiences in practices in Dublin, London and Berlin. Freelance in Germany since 1992. Partnership in Ronski+Burke since 2002.

Wide range of experience in planning, project management, cost management, technical due diligence and consultancy services for new build and existing assets.

Member of AfA (Architects for Architects, Berlin).

Ingo Ronski
Dipl.-Ing. Architekt, born 1967 in Hannover.
Studies in Germany and France, diploma 1997 at Hannover University. EU scholarship, architectural activities in Bristol (UK), Berlin, and Hannover. Resident in Berlin since 1997. Member of chamber of architecture – Berlin (registration number 10796). Partnership in Ronski + Burke since 2002. 

Wide range of experience in project management, site management for residential, community services, conservation projects, property evaluations, technical due diligence and cost projections. Qualified 2005 as market valuer (property evaluation) by Berlin Chamber of Commerce.


Janine Becker
Dipl.-Ing. (FH), born 1975

2004 Diploma in architecture at the TFH Berlin.

Focal points:

Design, urban design, planning application, detail design, fire safety, site supervision.

Christian Pöschko

Dipl.-Ing. (FH), born 1969,
1998 diploma in architecture at the FH Dortmund.

Focal points:
Detail design, specification, tendering, site supervision.

Lukas Düsing
M.A., born 1982,
Qualified (master) 2012 from the FH Potsdam.

Focal points:
Design, urban design, planning application, detail design, fire safety, building law.

Timo Nonnenbroich
Dipl.-Ing., born 1972,

Qualified 2010 (master) from the Bauhaus Universität Weimar.

Focal points:
Design, urban design, 3D-modeling, detail-design, specification, tendering.

Zhorzhina Musa
B., born 1992,

Qualified 2015 (bachelor in architecture) from the Tishreen University, Syria.

Focal points:
Design, urban design, 3D-modeling, visualisation, detail design.